infinitе loop in freeIntRepProc()

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infinitе loop in freeIntRepProc()

Charlie Root

I am sorry for my english.
I get infinite loop in freeIntRepProc(), if condition "obj == Tcl_GetObjResult(interp)" is true.

I want to write proc "typedef" and to define new types in tcl code. For example:


load ./ typedef

# typedef <type name> <constructor args> <constructor body> <destructor body>
typedef xxx {a b} {
    set x [list $a $b]
    puts "ctor: $x"
    return $x
} {
    puts "dtor: $this"

proc main {} {
    xxx 1 2


This approach shall cause a destructor call in case of automatic destruction of variable.

Code looped forewer if destroied object and interp result object are same.


 94                 case 1:
 95                         assert(obj == Tcl_GetObjResult(TCLOBJ_INTERP(*obj)));
 96                         obj->refCount++;
 97                         Tcl_ResetResult(TCLOBJ_INTERP(*obj));
 98                         obj->refCount--;
 99                         break;

This fradment of code solve trouble, but it looks as hack.

In my modest opinion TCL shall add similar hack to freeIntRepProc call () self.


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