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[Tcl-bugs] [Tk] (mramsell) tkt (New): Combobox focus not shown in readonly state

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Ticket Change [dbdca7f5550b88d2ce6ce106092819fe631c7bd9]
  [Combobox focus not shown in readonly state]
  By      mramsell
  For     Tk
  On      2017-07-04T04:46:17.919
  Details https://core.tcl.tk/tk/tinfo?name=dbdca7f5550b88d2ce6ce106092819fe631c7bd9
  Ticket  https://core.tcl.tk/tk/tktview/9b155eb64e8681afeea1731beadf7c6f5417f345

Changed Fields
  assignee:        nobody
  closer:          nobody
  comment:         <p>If you create two Comboboxes and tab between them you will know
                   where the focus is by the selection. The current item will have its
                   text selected. Change one or both to state readonly and the focus is
                   not obvious. The only way to know which combobox widget is in focus is
                   to try a <down-arrow> key. </p>  <pre>  ttk::combobox .cb1 -values {a
                   b c}  ttk::combobox .cb2 -values {d e f} -state readonly  .cb1 current
                   0  .cb2 current 0  pack .cb1 .cb2  </pre>  <p>Have tried various
                   work-arounds for the problem with styles but couldn't come up with
                   anything consistent. The way that 'readonly' state currently works
                   with comboboes makes tabbing about the interface mostly
                   unusable.</pre>  <p>Take a look at the simple screen shot and tell me
                   which widget has the focus. If you said the top widget you'd be
  foundin:         8.6.6
  is_private:      0
  login:           mramsell
  priority:        5 Medium
  private_contact: 1c64d4713f6ef5cbf06fc4e28a1bba36ce25add3
  resolution:      None
  severity:        Minor
  status:          Open
  submitter:       mramsell
  subsystem:       02. Appearance
  title:           Combobox focus not shown in readonly state
  type:            Bug

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