[Tcl-bugs] [Tk] (jan.nijtmans) tkt (Pending): fix type mismatch in unix/tkUnixRFont.c

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[Tcl-bugs] [Tk] (jan.nijtmans) tkt (Pending): fix type mismatch in unix/tkUnixRFont.c

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Ticket Change [18764c92aba20a9cee55aca73eb0c93f9a0495fb]
  [fix type mismatch in unix/tkUnixRFont.c]
  By      jan.nijtmans
  For     Tk
  On      2017-05-19T13:51:34.978
  Details http://core.tcl.tk/tk/tinfo?name=18764c92aba20a9cee55aca73eb0c93f9a0495fb
  Ticket  http://core.tcl.tk/tk/tktview/434d294df8b053246ee86e7898d06bc3a6d1d771

Changed Fields
  icomment:   I'm confident that this bug is now fixed in core-8-6-branch. Tested on
              Ubuntu, where there indeed were some fonts which returned 0 for "font
              actial -size", after this fix the font size returns 9.

              Please confirm, then I'll close this issue.
  login:      jan.nijtmans
  resolution: Fixed
  status:     Pending

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