[Tcl-bugs] [Tk] (gcramer) tkt (Open): text widget: tag -tabs does not work properly. (textDisp-2.26)

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[Tcl-bugs] [Tk] (gcramer) tkt (Open): text widget: tag -tabs does not work properly. (textDisp-2.26)

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Ticket Change [28cc1f08ecb7cc84952b9a6c1d2c4c84e29d1c4f]
  [text widget: tag -tabs does not work properly. (textDisp-2.26)]
  By      gcramer
  For     Tk
  On      2017-07-04T16:07:21.760
  Details https://core.tcl.tk/tk/tinfo?name=28cc1f08ecb7cc84952b9a6c1d2c4c84e29d1c4f
  Ticket  https://core.tcl.tk/tk/tktview/a34b49f8c63aeb7736f48eba24b256158aaff022

Changed Fields
  icomment: I've only fixed the revised version.

            > Right justified does not work on Linux.  > I still get the arrow
            symbols as in the picture.

            I cannot replicate your problem, works perfectly for me. Due to
            program logic it seems to be impossible that arrows will be displayed
            with fixed version.

            > I did remember to pull, update, make.

            Probably anything else has been going wrong with your test?

            Francois: is the Windows version working?
  login:    gcramer

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