[Tcl-bugs] [Tk] (gcramer) tkt (Open): text widget: tag -tabs does not work properly. (textDisp-2.26)

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[Tcl-bugs] [Tk] (gcramer) tkt (Open): text widget: tag -tabs does not work properly. (textDisp-2.26)

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Ticket Change [e0f4e420eeb00bb24dca532ad4eeb9c95b77cc19]
  [text widget: tag -tabs does not work properly. (textDisp-2.26)]
  By      gcramer
  For     Tk
  On      2017-07-04T09:49:10.371
  Details https://core.tcl.tk/tk/tinfo?name=e0f4e420eeb00bb24dca532ad4eeb9c95b77cc19
  Ticket  https://core.tcl.tk/tk/tktview/a34b49f8c63aeb7736f48eba24b256158aaff022

Changed Fields
  icomment: I've committed [a69ad2fd43], the forgotten cases with justifying
            "right" and "center" has been added.

            > c) After removal of a tag with -tabs, it cannot be re-applied.

            This is a little bug in your test script, you have to use "remove"
            instead of "delete" for removing tags from text. Unfortunately it's
            not easy to detect this kind of bug, because "delete" also excepts any
            number of arguments, and does not complain about unknown tags.
  login:    gcramer

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