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[Tcl-bugs] [Tk] (bll) tkt (New): reworked textDisp.test : font agnostic

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Ticket Change [1b394057654cf64a0dd58a042274cf3c2c97256d]
  [reworked textDisp.test : font agnostic]
  By      bll
  For     Tk
  On      2017-07-09T15:16:46.120
  Details https://core.tcl.tk/tk/tinfo?name=1b394057654cf64a0dd58a042274cf3c2c97256d
  Ticket  https://core.tcl.tk/tk/tktview/44e92d896eb31b8c6a6bca99f0a381bd4d4a1751

Changed Fields
  assignee:   nobody
  closer:     nobody
  comment:    Attached find a new textDisp.test.

              Many of the tests have been rebuilt to be font agnostic so that they
              will work on all platforms, and should also work with a different
              fixed width font.

              Tests involving scroll positioning have not been rebuilt as yet.

              The original textDisp.test has many values hard-coded.

              In some cases the resulting hard-coded values were determined by using
              the return values from the test, resulting in an invalid
              self-referential test.

              In some cases, tests were updated and "fixed" by plugging in the
              return values from the test, again resulting in invalid
              self-referential tests.

              In some cases, the assumption was that the differences were due to
              font differences between the machines, and marked as such, where in
              fact the code or the test was buggy.

              Any test still marked with the 'textfonts' constraint is suspect.

              Test 24.11.1 works on Mac OS X, appears to be buggy on Linux and
              Windows.  Test 27.10 fails on all platforms (there is plenty of room
              for the numeric   alignment on the first line, but the calculation for
              space needed is incorrect).  Test 27.11 has not been rebuilt, as I
              don't know what it is supposed to   be testing.

              Test 27.5 has differences between windows and Linux/Mac OS X and has
              been  left marked with 'textfonts' for the time being.
  foundin:    revised_text
  is_private: 0
  login:      bll
  priority:   5 Medium
  resolution: None
  severity:   Minor
  status:     Open
  submitter:  bll
  subsystem:  18. [text]
  title:      reworked textDisp.test : font agnostic
  type:       Patch

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