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[Tcl-bugs] [Thread] (tombert) tkt (Open): SIGSEGV under heavy load

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Ticket Change [af0a60e201862051a2eb57562216e7916cd73889]
  [SIGSEGV under heavy load]
  By      tombert
  For     Thread
  On      2017-06-16T20:04:20.910
  Details https://core.tcl.tk/thread/tinfo?name=af0a60e201862051a2eb57562216e7916cd73889
  Ticket  https://core.tcl.tk/thread/tktview/44499074cb431338a001c9d381913ffca29961d3

Changed Fields
  icomment: Still no crash. I thing with peace of conscience this bug report can
            be closed and assumed that all comes from this bug:


  login:    tombert

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