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Ticket Change [ed74d31835087c4dc05efb62af3b2477f6cd48fb]
  [NetBSD: support LDFLAGS]
  By      wiz
  For     Tcl
  On      2017-07-16T09:05:37.101
  Details https://core.tcl.tk/tcl/tinfo?name=ed74d31835087c4dc05efb62af3b2477f6cd48fb
  Ticket  https://core.tcl.tk/tcl/tktview/fed5069f8a8e59e97af0a784b534919f5b789b1e

Changed Fields
  assignee:        nobody
  closer:          nobody
  comment:         When building tcl on NetBSD, LDFLAGS are not passed to the included
                   pkgs.  The fix is easy: add ${LDFLAGS_DEFAULT} to SHLIB_LD= in the
                   NetBSD case in the pkgs/*/configure files.

                   Looking at the files, this will also affect other operating systems
                   (except Linux, where SHLIB_LD already includes LDFLAGS_DEFAULT).
  foundin:         8.6.6
  is_private:      0
  login:           wiz
  priority:        5 Medium
  private_contact: d012bb17451cac97c28c5ca5034aaf08bcfe6014
  resolution:      None
  severity:        Minor
  status:          Open
  submitter:       wiz
  subsystem:       81. Bundled Packages
  title:           NetBSD: support LDFLAGS
  type:            Bug

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