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[Tcl-bugs] [Tcl] (pooryorick) tkt (New): Tcl_ParseVar

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Ticket Change [ccffc4eb942b8f4714966a1e70a727b644bb1421]
  By      pooryorick
  For     Tcl
  On      2017-06-17T11:06:56.124
  Details https://core.tcl.tk/tcl/tinfo?name=ccffc4eb942b8f4714966a1e70a727b644bb1421
  Ticket  https://core.tcl.tk/tcl/tktview/994f9d7a2007cff7de76c430ded57bd1e55881f6

Changed Fields
  assignee:        nobody
  closer:          nobody
  comment:         <code>Tcl_ParseVar()</code> is documented to return either NULL or the
                   string  value of the variable, but in the case that the input contains
                   exactly one  character, it returns a single <code>$</code> character.
  foundin:         trunk
  is_private:      0
  login:           pooryorick
  priority:        5 Medium
  private_contact: a5d657bd6eb6e75747f01adab66e620d8b96868f
  resolution:      None
  severity:        Minor
  status:          Open
  submitter:       pooryorick
  subsystem:       - New Builtin Commands
  title:           Tcl_ParseVar
  type:            Bug

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