[Tcl-bugs] [Tcl] (dgp) tkt (Closed): Potential Tcl_Obj leak in tclPathObj.c

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[Tcl-bugs] [Tcl] (dgp) tkt (Closed): Potential Tcl_Obj leak in tclPathObj.c

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Ticket Change [d0d9044cd827df60b9e1bac06dc865bb70c1e55a]
  [Potential Tcl_Obj leak in tclPathObj.c]
  By      dgp
  For     Tcl
  On      2017-07-06T15:25:36.568
  Details https://core.tcl.tk/tcl/tinfo?name=d0d9044cd827df60b9e1bac06dc865bb70c1e55a
  Ticket  https://core.tcl.tk/tcl/tktview/adb198c256df8c4192838cc3c1112fb2821314e9

Changed Fields
  closedate: 2017-07-06 15:25:36
  closer:    dgp
  icomment:  I think that would be a further improvement.  Will look into it.

             The code is messy, fragile, and abandoned  by the originator, so it
             improves only in  tiny, tentative incremental changes, usually
             motivated by actual bugs and crashes, not  just aesthetic concerns.

             Someone who really got up a head of steam  to make it much much better
             would be better  off rewriting the thing from the ground up,  IMO.

             That said, the memleak in the separator  handling from a VFS looks
             legit and   properly fixed.
  login:     dgp

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