[Tcl-bugs] [ITk] (dgp) tkt (Open): iwidgets::labeledframe causes segfault

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[Tcl-bugs] [ITk] (dgp) tkt (Open): iwidgets::labeledframe causes segfault

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Ticket Change [b9e8db7ed0f8adff45696345361015bf55969b02]
  [iwidgets::labeledframe causes segfault]
  By      dgp
  For     ITk
  On      2017-07-06T20:17:46.119
  Details https://core.tcl.tk/itk/tinfo?name=b9e8db7ed0f8adff45696345361015bf55969b02
  Ticket  https://core.tcl.tk/itk/tktview/39342ca8ea9131fb16cf247430ace64f73c8621b

Changed Fields
  icomment: This was probably related to Itcl Bug


            That's fixed in the latest branches of Itcl, 4.0.6 and 4.1.0

            Suspect this is fixed now too.
  login:    dgp

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