[Tcl-bugs] [ITk] (dgp) tkt (New): segfault cycling through buttonbox instances

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[Tcl-bugs] [ITk] (dgp) tkt (New): segfault cycling through buttonbox instances

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Ticket Change [8d473e2d56739d55f8c9d0fe0d7567238e2d27ad]
  [segfault cycling through buttonbox instances]
  By      dgp
  For     ITk
  On      2017-07-07T19:16:43.459
  Details https://core.tcl.tk/itk/tinfo?name=8d473e2d56739d55f8c9d0fe0d7567238e2d27ad
  Ticket  https://core.tcl.tk/itk/tktview/6acb6a8363b64494a9bd350e85db51f64eeaaedc

Changed Fields
  foundin:  4.1.0
  icomment: This script crashes most of the time:

            package require Itk 4.1  package require Iwidgets 4.1

            while 1 {  iwidgets::Buttonbox .bb

            .bb add Yes -text Yes  .bb configure -highlightthickness 2  catch {.bb
            add Maybe -text Maybe} msg

            destroy .bb  }
  login:    dgp
  severity: Critical
  status:   Open
  title:    segfault cycling through buttonbox instances
  type:     Code_Defect

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