Itcl / Itk 4.1.0 Release Candidates

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Itcl / Itk 4.1.0 Release Candidates

Donald G Porter-2

Now available at

are release candidates of Itcl 4.1.0 and Itk 4.1.0.

You can also find them here:

Itcl 4.1.0 has had its minor release number incremented to signal
its incompatibility with Itk 4.0.*.  The internal mechanisms for
tracking frame and resolution contexts have been rewritten.  The old
way could never become fully compatible with Tcl 8.6. The old way
also failed to deliver on the promise to duplicate Itcl 3.4 behavior
faithfully in tricky cases. See one example at:

The new way gets this right, and has the chance to achieve full
agreement with Tcl 8.6 and fully support NRE operations with enough
time and attention.  Itcl 4.0.* either did not have an encapsulation
hiding this implementation, or Itk 4.0.* did not respect it, so making
this change required breaking Itk 4.0.

If some other extensions layered on top of Itcl 4.0 exist, it is
possible they too will need revisions before they work with Itcl 4.1.

When these Itcl / Itk 4.1.0 release candidates are used as a
foundation for running the Iwidgets 4.1.0 test suite, there are no
failures (at least on my dev platform).  I take this as a sign that
these releases are free of truly obvious, crippling errors.  Still
there's much fresh code here.  It would be foolish to expect it to
be error free.  I have not labeled these as beta releases, but it
might be best to have that expectation when you try them.

Testing and reporting of problems is encouraged.

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