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Fwd: Re: [flightaware/Tcl-bounties] Intent to work on speedups to `clock format` and `clock scan` (#4)

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I realized that my last statement sounds a bit ambigous: I meant of
course the binary module (libtclclock.so / tclclock.dll, not the pure
tcl), quasi as outsourcing of my current implementation into separate
library (with loading on demand by first access, like so far the


> So how I guessed, this will perish for a long time to be accepted.
> And possibly for still longer time to be released.
> Because it may be reimplemented with few effort as pure tcl-module (I
> mean the clock ensemble at all),
> I'll suggest to do it (if Flightaware can imagine to use this as
> tcl-module):
>  - so you could then early benefit from the usage of it;
>  - it will be independent from any release;
>  - you can then early get the updates (resp. fixes if necessary);
>  - it should get almost the same performance as my current branch
> "sebres-8-6-clock-speedup-cr1";
>  - I could early hit the bounty :) and e. g. focus to complete my
> another works
>    (belong to another bounties like tcl performance).
> Of course I meant at least as long as not accepted resp. released in
> tcl-core.
> Peter?
> Karl?
> Thanks in advance,
> Regards,
> Sergey.

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