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Abridged summary of comp.lang.tcl@googlegroups.com - 9 updates in 5 topics

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Rob Sciuk <[hidden email]>: Dec 12 11:06AM -0500

Having been a long time user of Tcl/Tk, I have taken an hiatus from any
professional use for the last couple of years, and so I have dropped off
the comp.lang.tcl group.
Recently, wishing to do ...more
Gerald Lester <[hidden email]>: Dec 12 11:18AM -0600

On 12/12/2017 10:06 AM, Rob Sciuk wrote:
> like to prototype an application which requires the flexibility
> (complexity?) of full table support ...
> Is ttk::treeview the correct response?
Harald Oehlmann <[hidden email]>: Dec 12 02:09PM +0100

Dear folks,
I use Ashoks twapi starkits, compact them with upx and add my scripts
with sdx.
This works perfect.
Now, I made the transition from tcl 8.6.6 to tcl 8.6.7 with the ...more
rene <[hidden email]>: Dec 12 08:22AM -0800

Hi Harald,
I suspected the whitespace in the dir path.
I started my app, with 8.6.7 but my own kit and it works.
So may be some other issue.
Ashok <[hidden email]>: Dec 12 10:33PM +0530

If you copy the original starpack (8.6.7) without upx and without your
sdx addition, into that same directory, does it start up normally?
On 12/12/2017 6:39 PM, Harald Oehlmann wrote:
[hidden email]: Dec 12 12:54AM -0800

On Monday, 11 December 2017 01:14:51 UTC+11, Richard Owlett wrote:
> It would know which lesson I want, rather than working down thru nested
> menus.
I think this depends on the system ...more
Richard Owlett <[hidden email]>: Dec 12 06:01AM -0600

> The font sizes seem OK when using Debian 9 and TigerVNC. However when
> I used Debian 8 and TightVNC the font size was small.
Emmanuel Frecon <[hidden email]>: Dec 11 02:06PM -0800

> http://www.bawt.tcl3d.org/index.html
> There are tcltls.
> Gregor
So... Posting this for posterity...
If you are "just" looking for a copy of tcltls, binaries can be found in the latest ...more
Schelte Bron <[hidden email]>: Dec 11 09:50PM +0100

Arjen Markus wrote:
> The original string must be reconstructed if the date/time is
> valid. Of course you will need to have a specific format to do
> this.
You mean something like ...more
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