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Abridged summary of comp.lang.tcl@googlegroups.com - 8 updates in 2 topics

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Bill Waddington <[hidden email]>: Oct 16 10:13AM -0700

On Wed, 10 Oct 2018 11:53:05 -0700, Bill Waddington
<[hidden email]> wrote:
The toy is running fine on Win and Lin and I've managed an apk ...more
Rich <[hidden email]>: Oct 16 07:45PM

> I take it that isn't something the OS handles, as I had hoped :( Where
> in this mess should that be implemented - and anyone have a link or
> two? I've searched and read a bunch but am still ...more
nemethi <[hidden email]>: Oct 16 11:55AM +0200

Am 15.10.2018 um 15:57 schrieb Ralf Fassel:
> re-evaluated at (2) or (2a).
> R'
Many thanks for your bug report!
You are right that the code above contains an inconsistency ...more
nemethi <[hidden email]>: Oct 16 12:43PM +0200

Am 16.10.2018 um 11:55 schrieb nemethi:
> (unfortunately, it escaped my attention when making the change in
> Tasblelist 6.3).  To eliminate it, the [info exists] test at (1) must be ...more
Ralf Fassel <[hidden email]>: Oct 16 02:38PM +0200

* nemethi <[hidden email]>
| While IMHO this is actually a bug in Itcl 3.4, Tablelist should behave
| the same, regardless of whether Itk 3.4 or 4.1.0 is being used (your ...more
nemethi <[hidden email]>: Oct 16 04:41PM +0200

Am 16.10.2018 um 14:38 schrieb Ralf Fassel:
> }
> And a trace for 'unset' is added which recreates the variable should it
> ever become unset...
I thought, too, that, due to the measures ...more
Ralf Fassel <[hidden email]>: Oct 16 05:14PM +0200

* nemethi <[hidden email]>
| > However the solution, in addition to your proposed changes involving
| > uplevel, IMHO the following procs also need attention with this:
| > ...more
nemethi <[hidden email]>: Oct 16 06:32PM +0200

Am 16.10.2018 um 17:14 schrieb Ralf Fassel:
> I have sent you a personal mail with patches which resolve these issues
> for me.
> R'
Many thanks for your valuable contribution!
-- ...more
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