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Abridged summary of comp.lang.tcl@googlegroups.com - 7 updates in 5 topics

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[hidden email]: Nov 17 05:18AM -0800

Le mercredi 14 novembre 2018 22:54:43 UTC+1, Robert Heller a écrit :
> proper. Tcl is a prefix language, just like LISP! regexp's parser is not
> really part of Tcl, but is part of the regular ...more
heinrichmartin <[hidden email]>: Nov 17 09:14AM -0800

> Remove the ambiguities of bracket in regexp ->
> Substituting [] by ⟦⟧ (\u27E6 \u27E7)
> Deprecating the dollars sign as end of line
I am unsure whether it was said earlier in this thread: ...more
"Donal K. Fellows" <[hidden email]>: Nov 17 08:10PM

> It's surely true for regexp (Well, I never put my eyes into that part
> of the code), but not exactly for expr, which is using the
> Tcl_ParseVariable machinery.
But that's the category error: ...more
eric <[hidden email]>: Nov 17 02:13AM -0800

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Gary <[hidden email]>: Nov 17 02:12AM -0800

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Alexandru <[hidden email]>: Nov 17 12:59AM -0800

> what happens if the -inline option is given to Lsearch?
> I suspect the -index, -inline and -all options will need more processing before and after the call to lsearch in Lsearch.
> Dave B
Don Porter <[hidden email]>: Nov 16 03:52PM -0500

Tcl/Tk 8.6.9 Release Announcement
November 16, 2018
The Tcl Core Team is pleased to announce the 8.6.9 releases of the Tcl
dynamic language and the Tk toolkit. This is the ninth patch release ...more
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