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Abridged summary of comp.lang.tcl@googlegroups.com - 6 updates in 4 topics

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"MartinLemburg@Siemens-PLM" <[hidden email]>: Dec 28 10:01AM -0800

today I had a strange effect of trying to work in a directory, which is a symbolic link to another Directory from a share on my NAS.
(I created the symbolic link on my Win10 System with the ...more
"MartinLemburg@Siemens-PLM" <[hidden email]>: Dec 28 11:11AM -0800

> Any Explanation for this behavior?
> Best regards
> Martin
BTW tcl does not even find files.
Here the result of the dir command (without 413 lines of file names):
"MartinLemburg@Siemens-PLM" <[hidden email]>: Dec 28 12:19PM -0800

> no files matched glob pattern "*.jpg"
> % pwd
> C:/Users/Martin//NAS Pictures/Lutz
While having used ActiveTcl 8.6.4 distribution, I tested now with the currently available 8.6.7 ...more
[hidden email]: Dec 28 08:52AM -0800

Please take a look at my work at:
but I don't know under which page's title I can group those alternatives? any suggestions?
sadsa <[hidden email]>: Dec 28 08:16AM -0800

الاستعلام عن فاتورة التليفون الأرضي من خلال موقع المصرية للاتصالات ...more
Mike Griffiths <[hidden email]>: Dec 27 01:39PM -0800

> tclkit sdx.kit help wrap
> There's then a brief console window that flashes too quickly to read and then it closes.
> I also did find in the wiki that there's a file, tclkit.inf in the top ...more
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