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Abridged summary of comp.lang.tcl@googlegroups.com - 6 updates in 4 topics

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Alexandru <[hidden email]>: Jul 04 05:56AM -0700

The following code sends a secured http request to a server (works fine under Windows 7 64 bit):

package require http
package require tls
# Set path of CA file
set cafile C:/CA.crt ...more
Harald Oehlmann <[hidden email]>: Jul 04 03:52PM +0200

Am 04.07.2016 um 14:56 schrieb Alexandru:
> "package require app-tlstest"
> (file "tlstest_20160704_x64.exe/main.tcl" line 4)
> ---------------------------
You are sure you have the same ...more
Alexandru <[hidden email]>: Jul 04 12:21PM -0700

Am Montag, 4. Juli 2016 15:52:49 UTC+2 schrieb Harald Oehlmann:
> Just an idea,
> Harald
> --- news://freenews.netfront.net/ - complaints: [hidden email] ---
Thanks Harald for pointing me ...more
Brad Lanam <[hidden email]>: Jul 04 09:03AM -0700

labels have a lot of extra whitespace on the mac now.
I found this discussion.
An empty label with no internal padding, no ...more
Luc Moulinier <[hidden email]>: Jul 04 04:52AM -0700

Many thanks !
You analysis is right ! Getting the real string solves the problem !
Thanks again !
Arjen Markus <[hidden email]>: Jul 04 04:25AM -0700

Op vrijdag 1 juli 2016 22:07:51 UTC+2 schreef Andreas Kupries:
> have more control and can make it look more Tcl'ish.
> [1] http://core.tcl.tk/akupries/crimp/index ...more
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