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Abridged summary of comp.lang.tcl@googlegroups.com - 6 updates in 3 topics

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Hani Omar <[hidden email]>: Apr 28 11:32AM -0700

YouTube videos of

U.S. Congress money laundering hearing
Saudi Billionaire " Maan Al sanea"
with bank of America
and The owner of Saad Hospital and Schools
Manfred <[hidden email]>: Apr 28 02:05PM +0200

I'll change the background color from some ttk::entry widgets (not from all)
set nix anix
pack [ttk::entry .en -textvariable nix]
pack [ttk::entry .en2 -textvariable nix ...more
Francois Vogel <[hidden email]>: Apr 28 03:00PM +0200

Le 28/04/2019 à 14:05, Manfred a écrit :
> pack [ttk::entry .en -textvariable nix]
> pack [ttk::entry .en2 -textvariable nix -class myTEntry]
> ## dosn't work (background .en2 is standard) ...more
Manfred <[hidden email]>: Apr 28 07:24PM +0200

But in this case I change the background from all ttk::entry.
I'll only change the background from widget .en2.
Am 28.04.19 um 15:00 schrieb Francois Vogel:
Manfred <[hidden email]>: Apr 28 07:31PM +0200

Now I found the solution on:
Am 28.04.19 um 19:24 schrieb Manfred:
Christian Gollwitzer <[hidden email]>: Apr 28 09:35AM +0200

Am 18.04.19 um 17:49 schrieb rhobart:
> Thank you Andreas!
> I always bookmark these.
> Hope this years conference in November 2019 will also be recorded and uploaded.
Compared to the EuroTcl ...more
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