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Abridged summary of comp.lang.tcl@googlegroups.com - 6 updates in 2 topics

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Arjen Markus <[hidden email]>: Jun 09 11:48PM -0700

Op donderdag 9 juni 2016 06:37:48 UTC+2 schreef Arjen Markus:
> I just found a wavelets library on SourceForge, called wavelib. It looks easy enough to interface with, but it is limited to 1D ...more
Arjen Markus <[hidden email]>: Jun 09 11:55PM -0700

Op woensdag 8 juni 2016 16:34:17 UTC+2 schreef Christian Gollwitzer:
.., but for wavelet analysis you typically want to put
> transfer from/to lists of doubles, or interface with VecTcl, which ...more
Christian Gollwitzer <[hidden email]>: Jun 10 09:33AM +0200

Am 10.06.16 um 08:55 schrieb Arjen Markus:
>> which handles numerical array data for Tcl.
> Well, that does not mean that Tcl is completely incapable of dealing
> with such data structures. ...more
Arjen Markus <[hidden email]>: Jun 10 04:02AM -0700

Op vrijdag 10 juni 2016 09:33:52 UTC+2 schreef Christian Gollwitzer:
> large library can be easier to start with. To get a really good
> interface requires manual work with all options.
keithv <[hidden email]>: Jun 09 06:25PM -0700

It seems if you use grid to place a widget such as a canvas and then you manually shrink the window with the mouse, you don't get any Configure events and "winfo width .c" doesn't reflect reality.
Rich <[hidden email]>: Jun 10 02:45AM

> grid .c
> bind .c <1> {DisplaySize click}
> bind .c <Configure> {DisplaySize config}
This is because the grid default for row/column -weight values is zero, and
zero is documented as "A weight ...more
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