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Abridged summary of comp.lang.tcl@googlegroups.com - 5 updates in 5 topics

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sandro <[hidden email]>: Nov 16 12:28AM -0800

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hbx2018 <[hidden email]>: Nov 16 12:26AM -0800

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RickE <[hidden email]>: Nov 15 05:15PM -0800

On Saturday, October 20, 2018 at 11:08:33 AM UTC-5, Richard Owlett wrote:
> believe I once accomplished such a task.
> I request a reading assignment.
You got a lot of good advice ...more
Francois Vogel <[hidden email]>: Nov 15 10:32PM +0100

Le 13/11/2018 à 21:27, Francois Vogel a écrit :
> "WIDGET-SPECIFIC SECTION" of ttk::label)
>     --> <TODO>: remove the entry from the "WIDGET-SPECIFIC SECTION"
> I can easily fix this.
Rich <[hidden email]>: Nov 15 08:39PM

> Ah, ok, some of this is starting to come back, I recall now, so
> LD_LIBRARY_PATH=`pwd` ./tclsh
> will do it for me, thanks for that tip!
Or, if running bash:
export ...more
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