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Abridged summary of comp.lang.tcl@googlegroups.com - 5 updates in 4 topics

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Kevin Walzer <[hidden email]>: Apr 02 01:54PM -0400

The following code:
package require http
package require tls
::tls::init -ssl2 false -ssl3 false -tls1 true
::http::register https 443 ::tls::socket
set appname TextSweep
set versionurl ...more
Christian Gollwitzer <[hidden email]>: Apr 02 09:07PM +0200

Am 02.04.17 um 19:54 schrieb Kevin Walzer:
> produces the following output:
> SSL channel "sock7fddb50f1b10": error: tlsv1 alert protocol version
> error reading "sock7fddb50f1b10": software ...more
Gerhard Reithofer <[hidden email]>: Apr 02 04:27PM +0200

Hi TCLers,
I'm working on a tool which uses tablellist and various images inside
representing data row states. I use the -listvariable option to manage
the text content and cellget/cellconfigure ...more
sadsa <[hidden email]>: Apr 02 03:16AM -0700

جداول الامتحانات جميع المراحل التعليمية الترم الثانى 2017
جدول امتحانات الصف الثاني الثانوى الترم الثانى 2017 ...more
William J Giddings <[hidden email]>: Apr 01 09:34PM +0100

Problem solved. Opted for an alternative way of throwing an error. This,
of course, will output any error in the script I was hoping to report.
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