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Abridged summary of comp.lang.tcl@googlegroups.com - 5 updates in 3 topics

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Jay <[hidden email]>: Jul 13 12:37PM -0700

I would like to view notes within a Tcl script using the less command and ANSI colors. This small example seems to work, but is there a preferred way? Is it a bad idea to use the less command while ...more
Jay <[hidden email]>: Jul 13 12:49PM -0700

Guess I don't really need tput in there:
set str "\033\[97m RUSH \033\[96m2112"
exec echo $str | /usr/bin/less -R >/dev/tty
puts done
[hidden email]: Jul 13 05:16AM -0700

On Monday, March 15, 2010 at 10:25:15 PM UTC+5, Reagan wrote:
> mode i.e., I want this all scripted / automated.
> thanks in advance for any suggestion / assistance!
> -reagan
Uwe Klein <[hidden email]>: Jul 13 02:49PM +0200

>> spawn ssh -Y root@$ipaddr
>> expect "*?assword:*"
^^^^^^^^^^^^this will return when the ":" is received.
( * selects for 0...infinite number of characters)
most pwd dialog has a space after the ...more
Mike Griffiths <[hidden email]>: Jul 12 02:03PM -0700

On Thursday, 12 July 2018 03:10:25 UTC+1, Alexandru wrote:
> So, it looks like the manual is not completly correct. There is an exception to the rule. Are there any other exceptions there? How can ...more
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