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Abridged summary of comp.lang.tcl@googlegroups.com - 19 updates in 8 topics

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Hypnotoad <[hidden email]>: Nov 18 05:24AM -0800

I am requesting community feedback for Tip 430, which adds zipfs support to the core:
Tip 430: http://core.tcl.tk/tips/doc/trunk/tip/430.md
The quick and dirty explaination:
Rich <[hidden email]>: Nov 18 03:31PM

> that as the tcl startup script
> 3) If a file named tcl_library/init.tcl is in that file system, make
> the directory it is in the value of TCL_LIBRARY
Are #2 & #3 only performed if #1 occurs? ...more
[hidden email]: Nov 18 08:28AM -0800

some questions:
1) what is the purpose of minizip if the tclsh already provides a "zipfs mkzip" to create a ZIP archive by itself?
2) is it possible to do a "cd zipfs:/somedir" on ...more
Hypnotoad <[hidden email]>: Nov 18 11:03AM -0800

> 3) does the result of "glob /*" on UN*X include "//zipfs:"?
> All the best,
> Christian
We need a separate executable for wrapping because there is no guarantee that the platform you ...more
Hypnotoad <[hidden email]>: Nov 18 11:09AM -0800

On Saturday, November 18, 2017 at 10:31:14 AM UTC-5, Rich wrote:
> Because if #2 and/or #3 always occur upon mounting a zip, then these
> two would lead to a MSWin style "autorun" security problem ...more
Rich <[hidden email]>: Nov 18 08:10PM

>> using the zipfs in general to access zip files.
> Sorry about that. Yes indeed, steps 2 and 3 are predicated on a
> successful mounting of the file system in step 1.
Good. That is the more ...more
Rich <[hidden email]>: Nov 18 08:13PM

> 2) is it possible to do a "cd zipfs:/somedir" on Windows and/or a "cd
> //zipfs:/somedir" on UN*X? What are the implications?
I can't answer #1 or #3 (which is why they are missing) but I do ...more
Rich <[hidden email]>: Nov 18 08:18PM

> concern is that the user could potentially have a directory named
> zipfs: in the local folder and MAY want to find files inside of it
> without that folder being confused for a zipfs: mounted ...more
Hypnotoad <[hidden email]>: Nov 18 11:26AM -0800

> > }
> > I'm sure you can even rename the proc command and make it look really nice.
> That was my point, exactly, in a previous reply. This tip is a solution looking for a problem...
"J. van den hoff" <[hidden email]>: Nov 18 10:40AM -0800

with certain PNG files (screenshots generated on a Mac) I see the following with 8.6.7:
image create photo -file "Screen Shot 2017-11-18 at 19.26.37.png"
leads to the error ...more
Christian Gollwitzer <[hidden email]>: Nov 18 08:04PM +0100

Am 18.11.17 um 19:40 schrieb J. van den hoff:
> image create photo -file "Screen Shot 2017-11-18 at 19.26.37.png"
> leads to the error message
> encountered an unsupported criticial ...more
"J. van den hoff" <[hidden email]>: Nov 18 10:08AM -0800

On Friday, 17 November 2017 20:37:48 UTC+1, keithv wrote:
> > on second thought/try: it is correct that commenting out img::tiff silences the warning when issuing "package require Img" (and ...more
[hidden email]: Nov 17 11:02PM -0800

"This means that user apps don’t necessarily have to be developed with Qt as long as the library supports the Wayland protocol."
and ...more
Gerald Lester <[hidden email]>: Nov 18 01:42AM -0600

> Any takers?
> For $? (If so how much?)
> Also the tcl event loop has the word loop in it. Is the design a natural battery killer?
The Tcl event loop makes a system call that ...more
[hidden email]: Nov 18 08:49AM -0800

> Does this mean it should be simple to port undroidwish to AsteroidOS?
Might be possible, although my Wayland feelings are rather mixed since the advent of Fedora 27. undroidwish is known to run ...more
Eric <[hidden email]>: Nov 18 02:03PM +0100

>> but clock scan is already complex enough, έτσι δεν είναι;
> I think these are resolved issues. iso 8601 defines a year. 2004Z is
> 2004-01-01T00:00:00Z.
clock scan returns a ...more
Georgios Petasis <[hidden email]>: Nov 18 03:22PM +0200

Στις 18/11/2017 15:03, ο Eric έγραψε:
> % clock format [clock::iso8601 parse_date 1480-09]
> Fri Sep 01 00:00:00 LMT 1480
> Eric
Dear Eric,
I know about the iso8601 package, ...more
Ashok <[hidden email]>: Nov 18 01:30PM +0530

The tclkits are now uploaded to
Tcl/Tk 8.6.7 + (optionally) twapi 4.2.12, both 32- and 64-bit versions.
[hidden email]: Nov 17 09:05PM -0800

A request for each of you
Original post : https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/alt.os.development/nvGbmY74C-4
To my fellow "Usenet group"ies:
I come before you today with a request ...more
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