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Olivier <[hidden email]>: Apr 15 03:02PM -0700

And look into the subcommand "configure" associated with an entry widget, instead of redefining a .txt widget ... It is also a bad idea to name a variable "select" which is the name of a command.
mluc <[hidden email]>: Apr 15 04:43PM -0700

On Friday, April 14, 2017 at 5:48:15 PM UTC-7, mluc wrote:
> entry .txt -textvariable val -state normal -width 8 }
> any suggestions?
> thanks
thanks all. I'll posted when it will be working. ...more
Rich <[hidden email]>: Apr 15 01:39AM

> if {[".radB" select]==true} {
> entry .txt -textvariable val -state normal -width 8 }
> any suggestions?
Please show a complete example of your code, not just random snippets. ...more
Dave <[hidden email]>: Apr 13 05:16PM -0500

I've been looking at several packages such as TclFltk. I've decided that
one is not for me, but as part of that exploration I looked at some
other graphics extensions. I re-discovered TclMagick at ...more
Dave <[hidden email]>: Apr 07 02:45PM -0500

A followup to my problem
Having read the Wikipedia article which describes the GIF file format, I
can see how an Image Descriptor could be used to reduce the size of a
GIF file by eliminating ...more
[hidden email] (Ted Nolan <tednolan>): Apr 15 03:59AM

In article <[hidden email]>,
>I there a way to stop the freewrap console from closing upon completion
>of the wrapping. It executes so quickly that I can't ...more
Harald Oehlmann <[hidden email]>: Apr 07 12:05PM +0200

Am 07.04.2017 um 10:11 schrieb Harald Oehlmann:
> Hi Jeff,
Sorry, it was Jeff, not Gerald...
Harald Oehlmann <[hidden email]>: Apr 07 10:11AM +0200

Hi Jeff,
Am 05.04.2017 um 22:26 schrieb Jeff Lawson:
> abort_page
> }
> Gerald Lester recommended that I post here describing these changes and solicit feedback before ...more
Georgios Petasis <[hidden email]>: Apr 10 07:15PM +0300

> I realize we've got things like tkhtml and hv3 as well as gnocl::webkit, but how is there not a tightly integrated, works with core Tk, cross platform widget using webkit (or other HTML5, standards ...more
EL <[hidden email]>: Apr 08 02:31PM +0200

Am 04.04.2017 um 22:16 schrieb Aidan Hobson Sayers:
> Ha, you're the first person I'm aware of who's actually compiled it themselves. Nice to know it still works.
Oh :). Thank you for starting ...more
Keith Nash <[hidden email]>: Apr 13 12:50PM +0100

> Can you give some details of what you have patched.
> This is mainly to bump up this post
> Martyn
1. The simple print-to-postscript dialog depends on BLT commands that have ...more
Harald Oehlmann <[hidden email]>: Apr 12 08:20AM +0200

Am 12.04.2017 um 00:34 schrieb Gerald W. Lester:
> should not use own namesape.
> [6bdf06291d] An error on an asynchronous call results in an undefined
> variable
May I add the added feature ...more
"Gerald W. Lester" <[hidden email]>: Apr 11 05:34PM -0500

TclWS (Web Services for Tcl) 2.4.0 Release has been released and is
available at http://core.tcl.tk/tclws.
his release contains the following bug fix:
[411a2eb59fb4326f] and [ab9ad7b044f5ac7e] ...more
Andreas Kupries <[hidden email]>: Apr 10 11:53PM -0700

>> The intention was to make it suitable for tcllib, never got so far as to actually include it.
> Thanks for the work! It would be great it it could get so far as into
> tcllib :).
EL <[hidden email]>: Apr 11 08:49PM +0200

Andreas Kupries schrieb:
> Why is it important to have this in Tcllib ?
> I.e. what will adding this to Tcllib give the package what it does not
> have as it is ?
Popularity. ...more
"Gerald W. Lester" <[hidden email]>: Apr 10 05:25PM -0500

>> Just wondering if anyone out there has played with the tcl api in
>> building some automated scripts with spirents avalanche.
> http://geoavalanche.org/
The API link on that page seems to ...more
Rich <[hidden email]>: Apr 10 09:47PM

> b
> c
> d
You inserted only one "element", a full list, which was converted to a
string and put into a single row.
Note, from the documentation:
pathName insert index ?element ...more
"Gerald W. Lester" <[hidden email]>: Apr 10 05:18PM -0500

On 4/10/17 4:41 PM, mluc wrote:
> c
> d
> thanks for any comment
1) the code you post does not display what you claim, instead it displays:
c ...more
[hidden email]: Apr 15 11:07PM -0700

Our 64 bit version MacOS version of 8.6.6 is now available: https://www.activestate.com/activetcl/downloads
This version is for MacOS 10.9 and above.
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