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Abridged summary of comp.lang.tcl@googlegroups.com - 14 updates in 4 topics

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Luc Moulinier <[hidden email]>: Jan 17 08:20AM -0800

Hello all,
First of all, my best wishes of health and happiness for this new year !
What is the best way to test if a user can save a file in a givent place ? My solution is :
... ...more
Gerald Lester <[hidden email]>: Jan 17 10:48AM -0600

On 01/17/2018 10:20 AM, Luc Moulinier wrote:
> }
> return $file
> Is there a better way to do so ? Checking the directory means checking ownership and permission rights ...
Francois Vogel <[hidden email]>: Jan 17 08:43PM +0100

Le 17/01/2018 à 17:48, Gerald Lester a écrit :
>> place ?
> Read the file man/help page.  Pay particular attention to the section on
> the writable subcommand.
Beware of bugs with file ...more
[hidden email]: Jan 16 02:49PM -0800

Below is some code to send commands to a roku using tcl. Note, I only have 1
roku device, and it's kinda old. So, you might want to try out the curl command
first, in case they've changed things on ...more
Arjen Markus <[hidden email]>: Jan 16 11:58PM -0800

> vwait ::__sleep__tmp__$uniq
> unset ::__sleep__tmp__$uniq
> }
Perhaps put this code on the Wiki? (I have no idea what a roku is, but my ignorance is probably more indicative of me than ...more
[hidden email]: Jan 17 10:00AM -0800

> The Wiki is less volatile than the newgroup.
Thanks for the suggestion; Done.
A roku is a popular internet tv box.
Gerald Lester <[hidden email]>: Jan 16 02:51PM -0600

> What I figured was that starting a thread would free up the GUI. I think
> perhaps I don't understand enough to be able to use them.
> I also don't want to hijack the OP's thread. ...more
Bob Jolliffe <[hidden email]>: Jan 16 01:13PM -0800

On the subject of documentation of "event based" vs "threaded" vs "co-routines" there is a very nice piece of documentation that Arjen Markus has done here ...more
[hidden email]: Jan 16 01:47PM -0800

On Tuesday, January 16, 2018 at 12:51:38 PM UTC-8, Gerald Lester wrote:
> BTW, can you share your app (like maybe via http://chiselapp.com/) -- I
> have a couple of Rukos and would be interested ...more
Rich <[hidden email]>: Jan 16 09:51PM

> I completely have my head around them ie. understanding the sort of
> patterns where a co-routine is the right thing to use instead of a
> thread.
One analogy that fits ok is to think of a ...more
Uwe Klein <[hidden email]>: Jan 17 05:01PM +0100

> I have searched and use tcl/wiki a lot, unfortunately to no avail on this topic.
Keith Nash <[hidden email]>: Jan 17 03:50AM

How much development do Teacup/Teapot need? They are mature code,
sufficiently robust for ActiveState and others to run on public servers.
When they were first released, it took a little while ...more
Ali M <[hidden email]>: Jan 16 08:23PM -0800

On Tuesday, January 16, 2018 at 10:50:36 PM UTC-5, Keith Nash wrote:
> but they quickly became indispensable. Now that they are open-source, are
> there any good reasons to develop a replacement ...more
[hidden email]: Jan 17 06:34AM -0800

On Tuesday, January 16, 2018 at 11:23:18 PM UTC-5, Ali M wrote:
> Anyway, i think this needs a push from the core team
> the core team need to push for those tools or a replacement
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