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Abridged summary of comp.lang.tcl@googlegroups.com - 13 updates in 7 topics

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Nicolas <[hidden email]>: Apr 10 10:05PM -0700

Hi Csaba,
I'm working with labelcommand for tablelist and it's great!!
usually I use Ctrl+Click to select non adjacent items and Shift+Click to access extended selection (several items form start to ...more
nemethi <[hidden email]>: Apr 11 03:36PM +0200

Am 11.04.19 um 07:05 schrieb Nicolas:
> would it be possible either to have a labelcommand3 (or a better name) to access extended selection for header labels?
> best regards,
> Nicolas
Nicolas <[hidden email]>: Apr 11 11:57AM -0700

Le jeudi 11 avril 2019 15:36:42 UTC+2, nemethi a écrit :
> (both giving rise to the <<Button3>> virtual event).
> --
> Csaba Nemethi http://www.nemethi.de mailto:[hidden email] ...more
Andreas Leitgeb <[hidden email]>: Apr 11 06:06PM

>> bind . <Control-KeyRelease> {puts release} ;# Works
>> bind . <Control-KeyPress> {puts press} ;# Does not work
> Looks like I need to bind <Control_L> instead of <Control-KeyPress>
Alexandru <[hidden email]>: Apr 11 11:18AM -0700

Am Donnerstag, 11. April 2019 20:06:45 UTC+2 schrieb Andreas Leitgeb:
> In the other case you check for the left Control key itself, so you
> get the events on when it is used, not just when it is ...more
[hidden email]: Apr 10 09:49PM -0700

Am Mittwoch, 10. April 2019 12:11:12 UTC+2 schrieb Harald Oehlmann:
Indeed the <<Terminating>> event seems not to get through to the script level. Timing maybe. However, the WM_DELETE_WINDOW can be ...more
Harald Oehlmann <[hidden email]>: Apr 11 07:19PM +0200

> the <<WillEnterBackground>> virtual event.
> HTH,
> Christian
Thank you !
So, there is no absolute way to be warned about a termination.
Thanks !
Rich <[hidden email]>: Apr 11 06:03PM

>> Christian
> Thank you !
> So, there is no absolute way to be warned about a termination.
I think not. It seems that when Android decides to terminate you (as
in the app), it removes the ...more
Ralf Fassel <[hidden email]>: Apr 11 06:35PM +0200

I'm in the middle of rolling out a high-data-rate application which we
originally provided on Windows-7. The TCL socket performance (of course
most probably the underlying Windows-7 TCP/IP stack) ...more
Ronin <[hidden email]>: Apr 11 05:51AM -0700

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Brock <[hidden email]>: Apr 11 05:50AM -0700

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tombert <[hidden email]>: Apr 10 04:59PM -0700

Ho to reproduce:
start a wish, then
> toplevel .t1 -class "something"
> wm title .t1 "My Title"
Now hover the mouse over the icon in the taskbar, it will show "something" instead of "My ...more
Rich <[hidden email]>: Apr 11 01:12AM

> WM_NAME(STRING) = "My Title"
> WM_CLASS(STRING) = "t1", "something"
> Any ideas what can be done about this?
Short of having Ubuntu fix their bug (it looks as if Tcl has done ...more
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