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Abridged summary of comp.lang.tcl@googlegroups.com - 12 updates in 7 topics

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Kevin Walzer <[hidden email]>: Feb 16 09:27PM -0500

On 2/16/18 6:18 AM, Cecil Westerhof wrote:
> I see this as: at the moment my services are not needed.
Why not contact the new maintainer and offer your services? I'm sure
that Expect would ...more
Ashok <[hidden email]>: Feb 17 10:40AM +0530

Unless your interest is specifically in Expect, there are many useful
extensions, both C and script, where the author no longer has the time
or motivation that could benefit from someone ...more
Cecil Westerhof <[hidden email]>: Feb 17 09:57AM +0100

> Unless your interest is specifically in Expect, there are many
> useful
No, I just saw this sentence and thought: this is a good way to give
back and learn Tcl.
> or motivation that ...more
"Ricardo kozmate.net" <[hidden email]>: Feb 17 07:09PM

Em 17/02/18 05:10, Ashok escreveu:
> over or helping out. If you're interested, I could come up with a list
> and I'm sure others could add to it as well.
> /Ashok
And others other than Cecil ...more
Cecil Westerhof <[hidden email]>: Feb 17 09:11PM +0100

> thing, and I am back studying math, so... maybe.
> That is, it would be good to have such list visible and updatable
> (wiki.tcl.tk? github? ...?)
If the lists are shared here, I will create ...more
[hidden email]: Feb 17 09:09AM -0800

I am not a Tcl/Tk developer, but I have an application developed by someone else that I would like to install in “C:\Program Files\MyApp” on my Windows 10 machine. I created the folder manually, ...more
Ali M <[hidden email]>: Feb 16 09:59PM -0800

i am not aware of any tcl help system
the powershell help system is clearly very good
and python had docstrings
perl have pod files, i think, and most libraries provide one
[hidden email]: Feb 16 09:08PM -0800

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Mike Griffiths <[hidden email]>: Feb 16 02:01PM -0800

> 1280 1024
> (bin) 57 % set dimensions [twapi::resize_window 65552 1024 768]
> Invalid pointer or opaque value '65552'.
I am taking a guess from your snippet that you're actually trying to ...more
Ashok <[hidden email]>: Feb 17 10:31AM +0530

The following works for me in a shell
% package require twapi
% exec notepad &
% set w [lindex [twapi::find_windows -toplevel 1 -text Untitled* -match
glob] 0]
984802 HWND ...more
[hidden email]: Feb 16 08:45PM -0800

> Hello Friends,
> I want to use apache tomcat web server with cloudtk. will cloudtk supports apache tomcat.?
> -Hema
CloudTk can work with any webserver. You can run CloudTk on a different ...more
Uwe Klein <[hidden email]>: Feb 16 10:09PM +0100

>> Thanks
>> Ali
> Seems to me the key (operative) word here is "master".
The trap afaics often is in using
paradigms and/or techniques
from one language in another one
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