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Abridged summary of comp.lang.tcl@googlegroups.com - 11 updates in 8 topics

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Georgios Petasis <[hidden email]>: Oct 08 12:39PM +0300

Hi all,
Unfortunately I am at the situation that I need to parse texts, and in
some cases, Unicode characters beyond the ones "supported" by Tcl exist
(mainly emoticons).
Most Tcl ...more
"Donal K. Fellows" <[hidden email]>: Oct 08 11:16AM +0100

On 08/10/2018 10:39, Georgios Petasis wrote:
> couldn't figure out.
> The other test is to use "\u" notation with more than 4 digits, and see
> if in the resulting string, the digits > 4 were ...more
Georgios Petasis <[hidden email]>: Oct 08 10:14PM +0300

Στις 8/10/2018 13:16, ο Donal K. Fellows έγραψε:
> changing TCL_UTF_MAX so that's probably going to be a thing we do in 9.0
> rather than 8.7.)
> Donal.
Dear Donal,
"Donal K. Fellows" <[hidden email]>: Oct 08 08:42PM +0100

On 08/10/2018 20:14, Georgios Petasis wrote:
> What about a 8.7.a1 build? Is it going t work?
TIP 389 is a change that is subsequent to 8.7a1, so no.
> 8.7.a2 is difficult to build, I don't ...more
Georgios Petasis <[hidden email]>: Oct 08 10:32PM +0300

Hi all,
I was wondering if anybody uses the mysql (or mariadb) databases, and
what client is used.
I have been using tdbc::mysql for some years now, but given its slow
development, I am not ...more
Bill Waddington <[hidden email]>: Oct 08 09:16AM -0700

On Sat, 29 Sep 2018 07:59:38 -0700, Bill Waddington
>Now working on a Japanese/English quiz thing and totally flummoxed by
>what should be simple - trivial perhaps. Missing the obvious...
Alexandru <[hidden email]>: Oct 08 07:04AM -0700

Hi everybody,
Currently we are searching for a programmer with experience in Qt, C++ and Tcl.
The job is to extend available Qt UI with additional functionality and establish a communication ...more
Georgios Petasis <[hidden email]>: Oct 08 12:32PM +0300

What I usually do, is to define an "init" script, which all other
scripts get sourced, with "source -encoding utf-8".
And then, just before returning the response, use "fconfigure stdout ...more
Nyjon888 <[hidden email]>: Oct 08 01:59AM -0700

> > I tried out several dating apps and there is a clear on one is best in last year, All the sites says "we have million people have signed up" This year you can start building valuable relationships ...more
Mango83 <[hidden email]>: Oct 08 01:59AM -0700

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heinrichmartin <[hidden email]>: Oct 08 12:27AM -0700

On Sunday, October 7, 2018 at 8:15:48 PM UTC+2, someone wrote:
> pacifying a tantrum isn't really my thing.
But you should not be teasing either. I hope stepping in here is a good idea - I will ...more
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