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Abridged summary of comp.lang.tcl@googlegroups.com - 11 updates in 4 topics

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Roger Oberholtzer <[hidden email]>: Oct 18 12:00AM -0700

I am trying to build tkimg 1.4.6 using MinGW. I am building on Linux, and cross-compiling for Windows. Since the compiler is not running on Windows, one cannot run a Windows executable as part of the ...more
[hidden email]: Oct 18 10:43AM -0700

Wine in combination with binfmt-misc comes in mind
And biased me suggests to have a look into undroidwish on www.androwish.org
in vino veritas,
stefan <[hidden email]>: Oct 18 02:04AM -0700

> Sorry about the length of this post; the problem doesn't show up with the simple subclass/superclass setup I tried
Your conclusion seems correct, but your assumptions are wrong. ...more
[hidden email]: Oct 18 05:59AM -0700

On Wednesday, 18 October 2017 10:04:19 UTC+1, stefan wrote:
> * use a filter to wrap around calls to the driver object
> * consider using a subclass for your custom driver.
stefan <[hidden email]>: Oct 18 07:21AM -0700

> Thanks for the response, Stefan.
> Are you looking at selenium-tcl sources? I'm using selenium 2.3.2, and while a class called Mixin_For_Element_Retrieval certainly suggests that it is intended ...more
"Donal K. Fellows" <[hidden email]>: Oct 18 10:41AM -0500

On 18/10/2017 04:04, stefan wrote:
> Your conclusion seems correct, but your assumptions are wrong. The
> sought method is provided by a mixin, not a superclass. If it was, it
> would show up. ...more
"Donal K. Fellows" <[hidden email]>: Oct 18 10:55AM -0500

On 18/10/2017 10:41, Donal K. Fellows wrote:
> The good thing is that we've now got a reasonable test case.
And this is now an issue.
Donal. ...more
[hidden email]: Oct 18 08:56AM -0700

Ahh! The method is provided by a mixin to a superclass. I hand't spotted that.
effects: Deafening sound of penny dropping.
Thanks Stefan, Donal.
Would you like me to raise a ticket, Donal?
[hidden email]: Oct 18 09:00AM -0700

Oops. Thanks again Donal.
I've worked around the problem by forwarding methods defined by the superclasses, [info class methods D] does pick up method c in Donal's example.
Gerald Lester <[hidden email]>: Oct 18 09:43AM -0500

Replies may be a bit slow this week since the 2017 Tcl/Tk Conference is
in Progress in Houston.
| Gerald W. ...more
ze <[hidden email]>: Oct 17 02:42PM -0700

On Tuesday, October 17, 2017 at 3:07:49 PM UTC-4, Arjen Markus wrote:
> Most files in the list are pkgIndex.tcl files - these files are sourced to examine what packages they belong to. ...more
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