[ANN] tserialport 1.0 released

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[ANN] tserialport 1.0 released

Alexander Schöpe-2

tserialport - Get a list of Serial Ports (native, usb and bluetooth)

Returns a list of all serial ports at your system including the device name and usb or bluetooth information as a dict.

package require tserialport
set mydict [tserialport::getports]

0 {device /dev/cu.Bluetooth-Incoming-Port description Bluetooth-Incoming-Port open true transport native
baudrate  9600 bits 8 parity invalid stopbits 1 cts ignore dsr ignore dtr on rts on xon_xoff disabled}
1 {device /dev/cu.usbserial-FT0882PI description UC232R manufacturer FTDI product UC232R serial FT0882PI
vendor_id 0x403 product_id 0x6001 open true transport usb baudrate 9600 bits 8 parity invalid stopbits 1
cts {flow control} dsr ignore dtr on rts  {flow control} xon_xoff disabled}

The package has Tcl Extension Architecture and has been tested under Linux, Mac OS X and Windows 7.

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